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The information below explains how you may service your Magellan equipment. Should you have any questions on servicing your Tandem gas analyser that are not answered below, please do not hesitate to ask.  If you wish to use your equipment for a new application and would like some advice, please also contact us.


Please be aware that entry of media into the Tandem is not covered by the warranty and if it occurs, the unit will need returning for a full service.  It is unlikely however that the media will damage the sensors.  We recommend you protect your Tandem with a simple foam trap.


There is no on-site servicing requirement for the Tandem and day to day maintenance is not required.  We recommend a regular calibration in-situ every few months – this can be automated by the Tandem firmware saving you time and hassle and guaranteeing a consistent and reliable measurement.


Should you wish to have a full service on the equipment performed, you should plan to return the unit to us in the UK. This would normally be every 2 years, or annually if you use it in a cGMP environment. Typical lifetimes for the parts are as follows:


1-2 years for the oxygen sensor


7-10 years for the carbon dioxide sensor and, in the PRO & Multiplex versions, the air pump and valves


NOTE: the following gases may cause damage to the sensors requiring them to be changed: HCL, NH3, H2S, and NO.



Procedure for Servicing

Email [email protected] with the serial number and brief description of the problem.


Return the unit(s) to the service department address:


Magellan Instruments Service Department

Silverdene, Shawcross Road

West Runton, Cromer


NR27 9NA, UK


After inspection, you will be contacted with the costs for repair, which you may pay via the webshop or via an invoice and an electronic bank transfer.


The unit will then be returned to you. The typical time to perform a full service is about 1 week including system test and re-calibration.





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