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We manufacture and sell tools for the bioprocessing industry. Biopharmaceutical companies and organisations, from research through process development to large scale GMP manufacture, can benefit from working with our products. At the moment, we have two analysers to offer one for off gas (CO2 and O2) analysis  and an in-situ probe that gives a measure of total cell density and biomass.


Our range of analysers and probes are designed to combine simply with all types, makes and models of fermenters and bioreactors. Whether your interest is microbial, fungal, insect, animal, human or other novel cell types - if you grow them, we can help you get higher cell densities, automate decision making on-line, and you will find your bioprocess runs more reliably.


There are also application notes, plus technical and general information about fermentation gas (CO2 and O2) analysis that we hope you will find useful.


Our parent company, HEL Ltd, also develops automation tools and manufactures bio-reactors. More infomation can be found at:



Please send us comments, requests or any feedback that could improve either our gas analyzer products, or the quality or type of information held on this web site. We value your business, your support and your time. If you are happy with our services and products, please tell your colleagues and friends. If you are not happy, or if you need help, please tell us so that we can put the problem right as soon as possible.


Download Our White Paper on: How Real-Time Off-Gas Analysis Improves Bioreactor Efficiency


Why Magellan BioTech?


Our aim is to help you discover new pathways and chart new territory, reaching your bioprocess goals faster and achieving a more efficient process, thereby increasing the value of your product.

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